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Here’s how our friendly mortgage brokers can help you secure a loan for your dream home:

  • Explain the different types of home loans and find the one that works best for your situation.
  • Compare mortgages from a huge variety of lenders to find you the best possible deal.
  • Assist you with the paperwork through the application process to ensure your loan is lodged quickly and correctly.
  • Give you the peace of mind that comes from having a trusted mortgage broker at your side to lead you through what can be a complex and sometimes confusing process.

So why are our clients so satisfied?

It’s all about you! We aren’t just looking for a quick deal – we want you to become our partner for life so that’s the way we treat you. Mortgage Hero is proud to be a local Perth mortgage broker which means we’re always just around the corner when you need us.

Our finance brokers are dedicated to providing exceptional service in every way; they listen, they’re skilled at explaining the loan process in ways that are easy to understand, they always return your call, and they’ll also find you the absolute best deal out there.

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So what exactly do our home loan experts help you with?

A mortgage broker does more than just find the best loan. They act as an intermediary between the borrower and theFinance Broker Perth WA lender. In this case, they work between you and the banks, negotiating the best deal for you. Because a home is generally the biggest purchase of your life, there is a lot at stake. The difference between a good mortgage broker and a bad or non-existent one can be years of your loan term, a higher interest rate, thousands of dollars in fees and interest, and a whole lot of stress.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Our mortgage brokers are all highly experienced, motivated, and friendly. We have access to the best finance products and years of experience from our countless past mortgage settlements. Our team will streamline the loan application process all the way from your initial consultation through to approval. We will support you every step of the way, leaving you stress free, and with more money in your pocket.

With our deep knowledge of Australian loans, our team will look at your financial situation and specific goals, then go through our extensive database of finance products to find the best options for you.

We’ll then present a range of choices and go through the pros and cons of each one. Your finance broker will give you expert advice to help you figure out the best loan for your situation. We know how big of a decision this is for you and will go through each detail to ensure that you will get the best possible outcome. Most importantly, we present it all in simple, easy to understand language. Too many mortgage brokers get caught up in the industry and don’t realise how complicated and confusing home loans can be for everyday Australians. No matter if you’re an experienced investor or a first home buyer, we can make your experience easier.

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Which type of home loan do you need?:

Refinancing an Existing Loan

If you refinance your home loan under the right circumstances, it can save you money, time and stress. Refinancing your home loan involves taking out a new mortgage with a different lender or getting a better deal with your current lender. There can be a short term costs, but in the right situations refinancing can save you thousands of dollars and years off the term of your loan.

There are many reasons that you may want to refinance, including if there are changes to your financial circumstances, if you want to find a better interest rate, if you need access to finance or if you need to settle a divorce.

Although it can be a complicated process, finance brokers such as those at Mortgage Hero can help you figure out if refinancing is the right decision for you. They can also help you find a product with the best terms and assist with the application process. Refinancing a home loan can be just as difficult as applying for your first one and in addition to the paperwork, there can be entry, exit, legal, application, valuation and stamp duty fees. A trusted broker will be able to help you navigate these and help you figure out whether refinancing is the best option for you to save money.

Variable Rate Home Loan

Variable rate home loans have an interest rate that is only set for a fixed period of time. It is re-evaluated at certain intervals and the bank may raise, lower or keep your interest rate at the same level, depending on the global economy. This type of mortgage transfers some of the risk from the lender to the borrower. Because of the reduced risk, the initial interest rate can be lower than a traditional 30 year fixed rate loan.

Fixed Rate Home Loan

These loans have a fixed interest rate for the entirety of the term. Regardless of what happens to the outside economy, the interest rate of the loan will stay the same and so will your payments. They tend to be offered at a higher rate than variable rate finance, because it puts more risk on the bank. They can be a good option for borrowers who are risk averse and don’t want to face their payments rising with a changing economy.

Interest Only Home Loan

These are mortgages where the payments only go towards interest for a set period of time. Because the principal isn’t being paid off at the start, the initial payments are cheaper, however, the borrower will end up paying more throughout the course of the loan. The lower repayments can make the loan more affordable at first and can be beneficial for investment and tax reasons. They are much more popular with investors than owner occupiers.

Construction Loans

If you are looking to build a new home or do major renovations, you will need a construction loan. These differ from standard finance because they enable you to draw from the loan in several stages rather than all at once. Because construction projects don’t normally require all the funds at once, the bank will first loan you an amount for the land and then more in the future as construction progresses. This ensures that you aren’t paying interest on the entire principal from day one.

SMSF Loans

These loans are an option for people who want to invest their super funds into property. The complex regulations surrounding these loans can be explained by one of our expert mortgage brokers and there are some tax benefits that appeal to investors. Any property investment that uses your super funds needs to be consistent with the strategy of your fund. Negative gearing can help to offset the interest and other expenses against rental income.

Low Doc Loans

Low documentation loans are for small business owners or the self employed, people who may not have the statements and documentation that are normally necessary to get a loan. They are a great option for people who have not been able to access standard finance. They don’t allow borrowers to access as much funding, have higher fees and higher interest rates. Despite this, they give many contract workers and others an option to borrow money.

Reverse Mortgage

These are an option for people who want to borrow money by using the equity in their homes. This is a common choice for retirees who want access to more money, without having to sell their home. The money can usually be taken as a regular income or a lump sum. They have higher interest rates than normal loans, but you don’t need to make repayments. The interest compounds and is added to your loan balance, but you are able to stay in your home as long as you want.

Bridging Loan

If you find the new home you have always wanted before selling your old one, you can still secure it by using a bridging loan to finance it. These are interest only loans that provide you with the funds for your new home while you are still waiting for your old home to sell. The amount is calculated by adding the outstanding mortgage of your existing home to the value of your new home, then subtracting the likely sale price of your old home.

No matter what kind of loan you need, Mortgage Hero will make sure that you get the best deal. We deliver our personalised service along every step of the way to not only save you money, but save you on stress as well.

Our mortgage brokers will be happy to simplify the complex choices that you have to make without pressuring you into anything. We pride ourselves on being able to find the best deals and on providing the finest service to our clients.

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