3 Reasons You Should Consider Using a Mortgage Broker

happy young couple buying new home with mortgage broker

Perth is currently experiencing historically low interest rates in the housing market. This is great for first time homeowners and landlords alike. Yet with the whole wide world of home ownership and loans spread out before you, I want to look at some reasons why you’ll want to work with a mortgage broker moving forward. […]

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It’s Time to buy your First Home!

Picture of couple building their first home in Perth Western Australia

You’ve been thinking about it for some time now; and you’re tired of waiting. Now’s the time you’re going to buy your first home, and sure that’s a really big step, but we’re going to go over a few quick things just to let you know that you’re heading in the right direction at the […]

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New Rate Tracker Loan Set to Ease Burden of Home Ownership

Auswide Bank has come out with a new Rate Tracker home loan, which sets course to help the battle of home ownership for Australians.  This RBA Rate Trackers keeps an eye on the cash rate at the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). The reason it does this, is so that when the interest rates change […]

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Buying Your First Home Doesn’t Need to be a Struggle

First home buyers budget

The dream of owning your first home just seems to always be further and further away. Considering Australia’s rising costs of property that isn’t really surprising either; but there are ways to keep that dream within sight so you can quit living in rentals and giving someone else your hard earned money, or if you’re […]

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What is the Comparison Rate and Why is it Important?

what is the comparison rate? sign post with options

What factors do you consider when deciding which loan to use to finance your investments? For the majority of borrowers, the interest rate is the major determinant of whether or not to take a specific loan. One reason for this is that it is the metric provided by lenders as they advertise for loans. With […]

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Things To Look Out For When Refinancing

Things to look out for when refinancing image

Refinancing a home loan is a pretty big deal. Many people enter into this process with high expectations. They might want lower interest rates or lower monthly mortgage payments but all borrowers have to account for the often considerable, administrative fees that the refinancing process entails. These are the monies that your lender will charge […]

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Buying a Home in Perth – Best Suburbs 2016


Are you thinking of buying property? Checking around Western Australia? Well; you’ve got a lot of things to consider, so take your time with it. An Investment property shouldn’t just be jumped at. Sure there’s no exact way to go about it; but there are some good considerations to have. Not the least of which […]

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Don’t Kick Them While They’re Down; Buy Them

Buying Houses Perth WA

“All that glitters isn’t gold.” Is a new quip on the lips of investment experts lately; as they’re now suggesting that upgraders focus more on location when choosing their new properties rather than the ‘flashy’ popular properties they would normally trade up to. They’re so sure the next 12 months will be a buyers’ market […]

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5 Tips for Financing an Investment Property

Investment Property

You have to make several considerations if you are planning on financing an investment property. In most cases, the amount of property you can purchase is determined by the amount of finance that you can borrow. Buying property is a very good way of investing and almost always guarantees positive returns. The ability to get […]

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How Often Should You Review Your Home Loan?

Review Your Home Loan

This is one of the most common questions that our clients ask us. Our answer is often simple. Circumstances are constantly changing and so should your home loan. If you took your home loan 5 years ago, chances are that your financial capabilities have changed, same case applies to your needs and goals in life. […]

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